Fathima Bibi Essa

Just a girl who decided to go for it.  I am Fathima Bibi Essa, a young entrepreneur who has been in the beauty trade since 2007. I’m passionate about beauty and women’s fashion. Get Sassy was created with Muhammad Hassim’s technical skills and my sense of style and fashion. Together we have a vision of “Get Sassy” to attract different personas with a unique blend of style, positive energy, and a touch of sassiness. We want Get Sassy’s sense of style to be an inspiration to women around the world. And together we have a Dream!

Muhammad Hassim

I’ve spent about 9 years working in the shipping industry and have had the opportunity to live in South Africa, Australia and India.

My vision for Get Sassy is to use my experience and interest to become South Africa’s largest online store for Women. My aim is to use technology to create unsurpassed user experience and platforms to engage with our customers on an intimate level. As technology advances, and social media grows and while we make the world a smaller place, there is an increasing need to engage more effectively.

Ecommerce is growing globally as well as in South Africa. However, it’s growing as a slower pace in South Africa. Therefore, we need to create a customer centric online platform to boost customer confidence in online shopping. By growing Get Sassy as a brand, we would grow ecommerce in South Africa and thus grow our GDP.

Fathi has been in the beauty industry for quite some time. She has a very close relationship with her customers and she has a keen sense of style. She represents the Get Sassy brand. The idea of an online store has been on my mind for some time. My partnership with Fathi brings together my keen interest in technology, while fusing it with Fathima’s business acumen and Passion in Fashion.